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Fear of the unknown.

We all face it daily. How often are we afraid to seek or reveal truth for fear of the knowledge it brings?

The story of Reco explores this as Annie embarks on a destined journey on horseback across Utah’s back country. Sent to fetch her adoptive grandmother, she meets a woman and confronts a past that leads her to a life changing discovery.

But first, she has to come to terms with the vivid and fearful dreams that have haunted her for most of her life and risk asking the questions that could bring the truth she's been seeking.

Cast & Crew

  • Chris Adler

    Writer & Director

    Chris has scribed several feature length screenplays as well as several short films with genre and theme spanning the spectrum. Though he has written and directed several smaller projects in the past, Reco is his first film to be produced with a significant budget and a full cast and crew.

  • Courtney Baxter

    Lead Actor & Executive Producer

    Courtney Baxter is from West Chester, Pennsylvania, but she has worked all over the country since her career began as a professional SAG/AFTRA actress at the age of 11. Courtney attends a competitive public high school, is the school-community liaison, dances on several competition dance teams and has still managed to work steadily while enjoying normal teen years. Her work in film, episodics, dance, radio and voiceovers has been rewarding and extensive. Performance is a passion for Courtney, but she aspires to learn about all aspects of the entertainment industry.

    Courtney's parents, Debbie and Rick, and her siblings, Chelsea, Kyle and Lindsey, have always been supportive in her acting career and it was an incredible opportunity for them to work on set alongside Courtney during the filming of Reco. Courtney is grateful to have learned so much as an Executive Producer and actor in the making of the film and is proud and excited to share the movie with as many people as possible.

  • Stacee Sherwood

    Lead Actor

    Stacee attended the Acting Emphasis Program at the University of Utah and graduated from Westminster College in Theatre and Communications. She has appeared in a number of TV commercials and has been involved in several films, most recently as Shannon, the Evil Stepmother in “The Boathouse Detectives.” Stacee has performed in many theatres throughout the region, including The Salt Lake Acting Company, The Egyptian Theatre in Park City and The Rose Wagner Theatre. She also savors being the vocalist in a Salt Lake jazz band. Stacee is thrilled to be a part of Reco. She especially appreciated how the creative people involved helped the project evolve into a warm, fun and collective heart.

  • John Cruz

    Lead Actor

    John started his acting career while transitioning out of being a dot com CEO. During an extended stay in Hamburg Germany, John landed a principal role in a film sponsored by national television station ZDF. The film won first place in Berlin’s film festival. Returning to the United States John continued acting studies from several leading available instructors including Tom Logan (Director/Producer). John has received featured acting roles in various local and national projects and is very excited to be part of the professional cast and crew in the making of Reco.

  • Mary Boregino


    Mary began as an assistant to Emmy Award winning producer Don Schain (“High school Musical”). She spent 8 years working as a camera assistant on over 25 features including “High School Musical” and “High school Musical 2”, “World’s Fastest Indian” (starring Anthony Hopkins) and “Maldonado Miracle” (Salma Hayek’s directorial debut). In 2006 she co-produced “Let Go” (a short by Kelly King). Next, she wrote, produced and directed the short “Black Ear” which premiered in Salt Lake City, UT in 2008. In 2009 she produced “Devil Drink” (a short by Sean McGarry), and “Disoriented” (a short by Robert ‘Ziggie’ Orchard). Her hopes for Reco are that the film moves audiences internationally and creates an opportunity for ReCinema to bring more amazing films to the world.

  • Kyle Mallory

    Executive Producer

    Kyle started filmmaking after enrolling in the University of Utah’s film program’s introductory production class. Hooked, he dropped out at the end of the semester and spent his tuition on a camera and editing system, and never looked back. He has since directed and/or produced nearly a dozen short films, most of which no one has ever heard of. In 2004, he co-founded the Motion Picture Association of Utah, a non-profit association of filmmakers, cast and crew committed to ensuring the future of Utah’s film industry. The MPAU has been the driving force behind Utah’s Motion Picture Incentive Fund, where Utah serves as one of the top examples of a successful motion picture incentive program. He continues to actively sit on the Board of Directors. In the fall of 2008, Clayton Farr approached him with a simple question: Can we do what Pixar has done, but for live action? And from that, ReCinema was born. He is proud to have been a part of Recos inception and realization.

  • Clayton Farr

    Executive Producer

    Clayton is a co-founder of ReCinema along with Kyle Mallory. His past work has been as a director and writer of his share of short films and a number of slightly longer documentaries as well as a film instructor. With whiteboard pen and Excel docs in hand he cheerfully listened to and haranged the multitude of brighter folks around him during this great production.

  • R. Jason Ball

    Director of Photography

    Jason began his career a decade ago working as an assistant location manager for “Touched by an Angel”. In 2004, he began working for Park City Television, shooting extreme sports content and quickly became the head of commercial production. Invited to join an elite group of filmmakers, Jason has worked at the Sundance Institute’s Directors Lab over the past ten years as an assistant director, Steadicam operator and first assistant camera for the labs. Jason also shot the feature documentary “We Still Believe” that follows the 90’s band Blessed Union Of Souls, which later won an Emmy for Best Documentary.

  • Stephen L. Johnson A.C.E


    Steve has completed hundreds of projects including over thirty feature films, ranging from “Windwalker” to “The Work and the Glory” Trilogy. In addition to feature work, Steve has lent his talents to eight highly regarded IMAX films, such as “Hidden Secrets of the Grand Canyon”, one of the most successful IMAX films of all time, and the Academy Award nominee “Amazon”. Steve has also edited scores of commercials for clients such as the LDS Church, Major League Baseball, the Boy Scouts of America, the Salvation Army, and the National football League. Steve has been an active member of The American Cinema Editors, an honorary professional society dedicated to the art and science of film editing, since 1995.

  • Jennifer Russell


    Jennifer has been editing film and video for the last 18 years. This love affair began when a few students from The Sundance Film Institute came to her high school in Salt Lake City, Utah to teach the drama class how to make films. From that moment, she was hooked! She moved to San Francisco and improved her skills at San Francisco State, The Film Arts Foundation, and City College of S.F. While in San Francisco she worked with filmmaker Aron Ranen on documentaries and corporate videos. She currently shoots and edits video for the web and short narrative films.

  • Randin Graves


    Randin’s diverse musical background spanning classical, rock, electronic and world music prepared him well for film composition. Originally from southern California, where he studied composition at the University of California at San Diego, Randin worked for 5 years in a remote Australian Aboriginal community before arriving in Utah in 2009. Since then, his music has won awards from the Park City Film Music Festival, the 48 Hour Film Project and the Action on Film International Film Festival.

  • Michaela Pentacoff

    Sound Supervisor & Designer

    After entering the School of Media Arts at the University of Arizona, Michaela quickly began working on fellow students’ films as a production sound recordist and composer. She began working for university’s Production Lab and Post-Production Lab, developing a wide range of knowledge which ultimately led her to create sound design for students and faculty. Her key contribution to the university itself was designing a post-production audio workflow for master the audio on senior BFA films. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Aesthetics and Criticism of Media Arts and a Minor in Music, Michaela was invited to work as a production sound mixer at the Sundance Institute’s Directors Lab in 2008 and has been a participant every summer since.


Reconsidering Cinema's Ways

ReCinema is a collaboration of filmmakers working to evaluate and evolve the way film stories are created and connected with their audiences. We focus on highly iterative story development and pre-production processes, utilizing a broad range of disciplines as early in the filmmaking process as possible.

As with the conception of most things, our’s began with a question –

"What separates everyday film stories from the truly magnificent ones?" (Or more precisely, what separates their process of creation?)

Like an increasing number of others, our heads have been reeling at the day and age we live in as filmmakers. Cinema is a medium that has barely crested its 1st century of existence and what future it may hold in both means and form is exhilarating. What Cinema truly is and can be as it breaks free from the technology and conventions that created it is anyone’s guess, but we certainly stand at a unique juncture.

Looking forward, which then of our existing filmmaking practices and conventions still contribute meaningfully and which are dead-weight? Which are core to the medium itself and which need to be re-imagined into something altogether new to meet the opportunities currently at the doorstep?

Of course, these aren't new questions nor are there likely any single or perfect answers. Films are hard work anyway you cut them, yet despite surprising amounts of passion, energy and sacrifice most don’t seem to rise to their or the medium’s full potential.

In a never-ending effort to answer solve that puzzle, we've found ourselves utilizing a number of unique industry models at various times in our creative processes. Currently, we find ourselves circling over these processes –

  • Implementation (read: people and process) over ideas
  • Iterative development – learn fast and often, fail quickly and cheaply
  • Bountiful, honest peer review - even when it hurts
  • A sustainable community of collaborators

Officially, ReCinema put both feet on the ground June of 2009, where 8 select individuals were invited to sit down over coffee. Of the 8, only 6 showed. What resulted was a list of concepts and ideas for short films that totalled nearly 30. Over the subsequent weeks, those 30 were quickly whittled down to about 5. Some scripts were written, and then abandoned, others were written, scrapped and rewritten.

A few, much to our delight, evolved.

If you think you might be a good fit for partaking in the mad-cap fun, by all means get in touch.

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